Imagine your mountain ! 2015 - 2016

Imagine your mountain !

Exhibition from 10th February 2015 to 10th November 2016

A blank canvas for your imagination, the exhibition Imagine your mountain, designed and installed by the House of the Olympic Games, will carry you to the edges of reality. Mountains transformed in to Dalmatians, women in snowballs on horses, alpinist-dancers, frozen torrents in which water continues to flow… These representations of the mountain, part humorous, part poetic, always a little offbeat, will show you an unexpected universe in which the visitor is guided by some expert observers :
Alain Arvin-Bérod, sport philosopher, Aldo Audisio, director of the National Museum of the Mountain (Turin), Yves Ballu, writer, Gilles Chappaz, director and journalist, Jean-François Lyon-Caen, architect and professor of architecture, Jean-Luc Traïni, photographer, and finally the Olympic Champion Edgar Grospiron, who slaloms both peaks and Games.
In the view of the Swiss comedians Plonk and Replonk, the mountain becomes an eccentric mockery. The "riders" and other climbers explore and multiply their inventions and the games that they play. Will this be an Olympus ? A record ? Or a seductive attraction ?
The alpinists see the mountains in the diagonal, or even better in the vertical ; while the poets lose themselves in the sculptures of wind and snow. Source of re-creation, to use the expression of Charlotte Perriand, the mountain offers renewal and, on its flanks, the architects create refuge.
And so, Imagine… an unfinished symphony …

Claire Grangé
Director of the House of the Olympic Winter Games


“This mountain, the man lives in it as it lives in him. He plays with it, as much as it plays with him. Game after game, the mountain is within us. The game has its rules ; the mountain has its rules. And as for man, when he finds himself in the mountains, what attracts him is not the possible, but the impossible !”

Edgar Grospiron


To discover the different texts of the authors, please refer to the press room and check off the press kit 2015 !

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Acknowledgements :
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