Olympic Passion

Exhibition presented all year 2014

Olympic Passion

A legend born from passion…
This exhibition offers a voyage through the history of the Winter Olympic Games. If there was ever a passionate and inspiring story, it is that of the Winter Olympic Games, whose very birth was the fruit of such passion !
This is the story of the French, Italian and Swiss alpine pioneers who organised the first Winter Games at Chamonix in 1924. It is through several of these emblematic figures of the Winter Olympic Games that the exhibition invites you to rediscover the Olympic passion : Sonia Henie, Jean-Claude Killy, Katarina Witt, Vegard Ulvang… and the legendary stories which inspired films : the courage of the athletes in the Paralympic Games, the miracle on ice of the hockey players at the Lake Placid Games, or the Jamaican bobsledders in Calgary…

From Albertville to Sochi…
This passion is what ignites the Olympic flame as Sochi carries the torch in 2014, 90 years after the birth of the Winter Games at the foot of Mont Blanc.
In 1992, during the opening and closing ceremonies of the XVI Winter Olympic Games in Albertville and the Savoie, an audacious and joyful new style enchanted spectators. Philippe Decouflé created a new choreography of “bodies and movement” that transformed sporting gestures into dance. The costumes of the designer Philippe Guillotel, which remain on display at the Maison des Jeux, were a flight of imagination !
At the foot of the Caucasus range, on the banks of the Black Sea, the Russian town of Sochi hosts the XXII Olympic Winter Games from 7 to 23 February 2014. The Olympic park in the coastal complex comprises five arenas for the ice and stadium sports and the “Fisht” stadium for the ceremonies. Approximately 60 km from there the mountain complex of Krasnaïa Poliana assembles the venues for the snow and sliding disciplines, including the new resort of Rosa Khutor, for alpine skiing and snowboard events.

A man of art…
This Olympic passion is shared by the engraver Alain Bar, who draws athletes and sculpts the body in movement. Alain Bar’s posters celebrate the effort of the athlete striving for success and the harmony of his gestures :
“Beyond the images carried by the flood of media and often fleeting sporting exploits,
The engraver transforms movement into matter,
The metal into lightning,
And the body into stone.” (Alain Arvin-Bérod)

An exhibition organised with the cooperation of the Russian Centre for science and culture in Paris, Sochi 2014, the Russian Community Association and the town of Ugine.
Thanks to Alain Arvin-Bérod (text), Alain Bar, Philippe Decouflé, Philippe Guillotel, and the photographers Pascal Lemaître, Jean-Luc Traïni, Liberto Macarro.